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Is it possible to build a CRM without coding?

Check the process of creating a CRM system using Webflow.

 Is it possible to build a CRM without coding?

What is a CRM system?

There are a lot of CRM systems available. Does it make sens to create another one? No, it doesn't, but What about situations where you need to integrate external services and you are not able to do it via Zapier and Webhooks? Our customer was an exception, where we agreed to create a simple CRM system for their need. They wanted to create a CRM that integrates their internal database and allows to follow the process of import and export their units.


  • The scope,
  • Functionalities of the system,
  • Building simple CRM system without coding,
  • Data storage,
  • Identity Management,
  • Automations,

The scope

The system is about monitoring and managing the process of import and export. It is some kind of journey that starts from marketing and finish when a customer gets units.

Every person in their company was responsible for doing different things. The roles are as follows:

  • Marketing team put a new opportunity to the system,
  • Sales team manages the opportunities - call the leads and when they sell, they transform the opportunity into deal, asking a new customer for a Purchase Order that should be added into the CRM,
  • After the PO is added, the dedicated team should import units from Suppliers and attach supplier invoices into the system,
  • An another person pays for the supplier invoices and attaches payment confirmations,
  • When the supplier units arrive, another team packs the units into one parcel, send it to the customer and put the tracking number to the system,
  • An another person issues an invoice and attach to the CRM - an invoice is being sent to the customer with 30 days payment date,
  • An administrator can either add more documents (like Proof of delivery), confirm if the payment has come through and close the deal,

Functionalities of the system

Basically if you have already read the scope you can assume what actions should be doable through the system:

  • adding a new opportunity,
  • transforming the opportunity into deal,
  • attaching a Purchasing Order,
  • attaching supplier invoices,
  • attaching payment confirmations,
  • putting a tracking number to the system,
  • attaching issued invoice that should be sent to the customer,
  • confirming that money has come through,
  • closing the deal,
  • users have a possibility to comment deals if they want to add anything,

Building simple CRM system without coding

The system is built using Webflow. This is the basic approach as we want a customer to edit the layout on their own.

CRM inside with Webflow

Data storage

Data storage

We store all data using Airtable. Customer's are stored in table Customers. There are another tables called Opportunities and Deals and they are associated to Customers table.

Every opportunity can be moved to Deal. A deal has many fields responsible for collecting invoices, tracking numbers, etc.

The way how we connect Airtable and Webflow directly, without CMS collections is described in our another article.

Identity Management

We use Auth0 to authenticate users across the platform.


There are no many automations to be honest. We use only one trigger Airtable > new record. On new records trigger we:

  • Send emails internally to the whole team on new comments,
  • Send e-mail to the customer that a parcel was sent,
  • Send invoice to the customer,

Hope you find this article as an inspiration and let us know if you have any questions!

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